Launch Your Business With Nwugochi

Launch Your Business With Nwugochi

Nwugochi Lewis, Bachelor of Business Administration,
The Entrepreneur Launcher

Coaching Services

Have you ever wanted to start a business? Are you not sure where to start? Let Nwugochi help you cultivate a strong business strategy in her one on one, Business Building coaching call. Each call will answer all your questions about registering, licensing and launching your NEW Business and next steps to starting! You will also receive a to-do list with notes and strategy plan from Nwugochi. Add To Cart to begin your first steps toward official entrepreneurship!


  • Get Your Questions Answered
  • Find Out Your Next Steps
  • Learn The Priorities For Your Business

Brand Me Services

Take your leap of faith as Nwugochi coaches you on everything you need to launch the brand behind your business. You will also receive:

  • Website Setup 
  • 3 custom templates to create brand awareness on Facebook and Instagram,
  • One on one coaching sessions to clearly create the brand you desire.


Full Launch Services

Nwugochi’s goal is to empower you to be a strong entrepreneur.  Add To Cart to begin your first steps toward official entrepreneurship! With the full business launching services get everything you need to start your legit business as she coaches you through each process:

$1999.00 Full Business Setup (All fees Included)

  • Strategy Booklet
  • Logo
  • Photoshoot
  • Your Business Registration
  • Your Business License (Resale License if Needed)
  • Your Business Bank Account
  • Your Business Website Set up with a DYI Hosting site. 
  • 1-2 Minute Video/Business Story Trailer 

Set Up A Consultation

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